Cosmetic Regulatory

Our Cosmetic Regulatory and Cosmetovigilance Services are designed to provide comprehensive support to cosmetic manufacturers, importers, and distributors in navigating the complex landscape of cosmetic regulations and ensuring the safety of their products for consumers. We offer a range of specialized solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the cosmetics industry.

Notification CPNP

Safety Assessment

Product Development

Responsible person

Product Information File (PIF)

Specific UK Manager (following Brexit)

CPSR: safety assessment Part A and Part B

Verification of the conformity of ingredients

Toxicology File

Toxicology and Cosmetic Regulatory Compliance Services

Cosmetic Architects, offers to accompany you in the realization of the toxicological profile of your cosmetic ingredients, write your toxicological dossiers for your new substances, assist you in the compliance of your labelling according to the European regulation 1223/2009, analyze the level of evidence of your products to propose more relevant and strengthened claims, to guide you in carrying out safety and efficacy and/or use tests, as well as consumer tests, and in assembling your cosmetic file and also in updating the cosmetic file.

Comprehensive cosmetic validation, safety, and compliance services.

Cosmetic Architects, offers a service that concerns the validation of BAT (Good to Pull), a service on the assembly of the DIP (Product Information File), advice on efficacy tests and consumer tests, the realization of safety assessment, cosmetovigilance and supplier audits.

Simplified International Compliance: Export Support and Ingredient Registration

Cosmetic Architects, offers to accompany you in the verification of the conformity of the ingredients when the product is going to be exported abroad (list of authorized substances: PCPC, Cosmed, Febea) and to register for export according to the country of marketing and its regulations in force.

Confidence and Safety in Cosmetic R&D: Pre-Assessments and Toxicological Analyses

Cosmetic Architects, accompanies in the R&D phase by performing the pre-assessments of your cosmetic formulas. The main objective of these pre-assessments is to verify that the safety margins calculated for each ingredient are compliant, according to the desired target. We also guide you on the necessary tests, analytical, in vitro safety or clinical to ensure the safety of your formulated product. This pre-assessment consists in analyzing the toxicological profile of each ingredient contained in the formula and therefore concluding that the formula is «safe» for the end consumer. Dosages of active ingredients, preservatives, nitrosamines, heavy metals, amiantes, nano…. are also made on cosmetic products.

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After product development, we accompany you through the production process.

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