Sale in e-commerce & Retail

We identify suitable sales channels and negotiate with partners in both retail and online sectors to maximize product availability, making them easily accessible to customers both offline and online.






We assist in identifying and negotiating partnerships with wholesalers, retailers, and distributors of cosmetic products in target markets.

We offer a comprehensive experience, from meticulous stock management to attentive after-sales support. We ensure that every step of the process is perfectly orchestrated to guarantee customer satisfaction, from the first interaction to after-sales service. With our dedicated team, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands, from efficient stock management to quality customer service.

We provide comprehensive stock management services to help businesses streamline their stock management processes and optimize stock levels. Our team of experts understands the challenges associated with stock management, and we have the knowledge and tools to ensure efficient and effective stock control.

Our consulting services offer ongoing monitoring of your operational activities, as well as support in addressing customer concerns and ensuring the sustainable success of your business.


Management from A to Z on Marketplaces


We implement a comprehensive audit process, meticulous benchmarking, and detailed market research to thoroughly assess the opportunities your products offer on the marketplace. This rigorous analytical approach is at the core of our strategy. It enables us to extract essential insights to understand market trends, identify competition, and pinpoint areas for improvement. Through this comprehensive analysis, we can provide you with informed strategic recommendations to optimize your presence and maximize sales on marketplaces. Our goal is to assist you in fully leveraging the potential of marketplaces and achieving your business objectives efficiently and sustainably.

We develop meticulous strategic planning, adjusting our approach based on the unique characteristics of each marketplace and your specific products. This customized adaptation allows us to identify the online sales platforms best suited to your industry, products, and goals. Throughout this process, we maintain our commitment to preserving a strong brand image, ensuring that every step of our strategy is in harmony with your identity and values. Our proactive approach ensures that each action taken is perfectly aligned with your objectives, thus contributing to your success on marketplaces.

We take charge of expertly creating and managing your accounts on various online sales platforms, adopting a tailored approach for each platform. Our goal is to establish high-performing accounts that showcase your products optimally. Concurrently, we tackle the improvement and optimization of your product catalog, ensuring it’s attractive, comprehensive, and well-structured. To maximize your visibility and sales on marketplaces, we professionally manage strategic advertising campaigns (such as Amazon ads). Additionally, we create and manage competitive commercial offers to attract potential buyers and convert them into satisfied customers. This comprehensive and professional approach aims to help you make the most of your presence on marketplaces.

We conduct an in-depth analysis of key performance indicators specific to your activity on marketplaces. This approach involves a meticulous examination of essential metrics such as conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, product visibility, and more. This comprehensive analysis allows us to understand the performance of your online operations in detail. With this information at hand, we provide targeted strategic recommendations aimed at optimizing your campaigns, enhancing visibility, increasing sales, and ensuring optimal utilization of each marketplace. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of your business and a commitment to helping you achieve your goals and beyond.

We are ready to support your international expansion on online sales platforms. With solid expertise, our specialty lies in configuring catalogs for seamless management of shipments to foreign markets. Our ultimate goal is to guide you towards new horizons with confidence and success.

Creation and management of e-commerce sites

Our experienced team of designers and developers will work closely with you to create an e-commerce website that reflects the very essence of your cosmetic brand. We design websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional, providing an exceptional user experience for your customers. From initial design to deployment, we accompany you at every step of the process to ensure that your site perfectly meets your expectations.

In addition to creating your e-commerce website, we also offer a comprehensive online sales management solution. Our intuitive platform enables you to efficiently manage your products, track your orders, and optimize your business performance. With advanced inventory management, sales tracking, and reporting tools, you have all the features you need to thrive in your online cosmetic business.

Discover our "International Commerce" service.

We help you expand your sales to international markets.

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