Quality Audit


Audit, is a essential tool to support you in your decision-making on the quality of your products or the compliance of your processes. I bring you the means to evaluate and, to advance your company while responding to the Customer-Supplier Relationship (RCF) internal/ external as,

2nd and third party audits

The audit of Operational Due Diligence

is an essential part of the due diligence process during acquisitions and sales of companies. Its goal is both to understand the existing situation at the time of the recovery, to understand the risks to best manage them but also to plan the post-acquisition phase so that the result is a success,

Operational due diligence is therefore intended to focus on stakeholders, to reduce the natural risks associated with an acquisition.

ISO 22716

Quality control and safety in the cosmetics industry are essential to the overall production process. 

ISO 22716 certification is an approved management process.  It certifies the Good Manufacturing Practices of your cosmetic products.  The application of the ISO Standard is mandatory and regulated by Rgt Eur 1223/2009.

Our “consom-actors” suspicious about the quality of cosmetic products on the market need to be reassured, I accompany you to demonstrate to your Customers but also to all your employees,  quality control and safety of your cosmetic products through ISO 22716 Certification. 

The ISO 22716 certification ensures the promotion of your brand image and GMP culture within your company.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 certification is based on these factors:

  • Understanding and Meeting Customer Needs
  • Involvement of staff through motivation
  • Managing resources and activities as a process
  • Process management as a system for more efficiency in achieving objectives
  • Continuous improvement 
  • Analysis of data and information
  • Customer Relations Supplier, RCF

The NF ISO 9001 standard will allow you to increase your productivity in efficiency, while reducing your internal costs through the factual process approach and understood by all your employees.

ISO 26000

Evaluation of the implementation of ISO 26000 within your organization but not only,

  • Connection with the standard GRI
  • Connecting with the SDGs and their targets
  • Connecting with the 10 principles of the Global Compact
  • Connection with the new non-financial reporting system

Through all of these links, your organization can leverage the results of its assessment to inform and/or align with all other regulatory frameworks and obligations to which it is subject or, on which it is expected by its stakeholders.

Measuring your approach today to prepare tomorrow

Virginie Chatelain

Consultante Experte BPF/GMP

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