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We implement a comprehensive audit process, thorough benchmarking and detailed market research to thoroughly assess the opportunities your products offer on the marketplace. This rigorous analytical approach is at the heart of our approach. It allows us to generate essential information to understand market trends, identify competition and identify areas for improvement. With this comprehensive analysis, we are able to provide you with informed strategic recommendations to optimize your presence and maximize your sales on marketplaces. Our goal is to help you fully exploit the potential of marketplaces and achieve your business goals in an efficient and sustainable way.

We develop meticulous strategic planning, adjusting our approach according to the specific characteristics of each market and your specific products. This personalized adaptation allows us to identify the online marketplaces best suited to your industry, your products and your objectives. Throughout this process, we remain committed to maintaining a strong brand image, ensuring that every step of our strategy is aligned with your identity and values. Our proactive approach ensures that every action taken is perfectly aligned with your objectives, contributing to your success on marketplaces.

We support the creation and expert management of your accounts on the various online sales platforms, adopting a tailored approach for each platform. Our goal is to set up efficient accounts that highlight your products optimally. At the same time, we focus on improving and optimizing your product catalogue, ensuring that it is attractive, comprehensive and well-structured.

We perform in-depth analysis of key performance indicators specific to your activity on marketplaces. This involves a careful review of key metrics, such as conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, product visibility, and more. This comprehensive analysis allows us to understand in detail the performance of your online operations. With this information, we are able to provide targeted strategic recommendations. These recommendations aim to optimize your campaigns, improve your visibility, increase your sales and ensure optimal use of each marketplace. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of your business and a willingness to help you achieve your goals and more.

We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed report that gives you a complete picture of your online performance. This monthly report is an essential tool to assess progress and identify opportunities for improvement. It includes an in-depth analysis of your key metrics. With this detailed report, we have a solid foundation to make informed decisions, adjust strategies and maximize your success in marketplaces.

We are ready to support you in your international expansion on online sales platforms. With a solid expertise, our specialty lies in the configuration of catalogues for a smooth management of shipments to foreign markets. Our ultimate goal is to guide you to new horizons with confidence and success.

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