What is cosmetovigilance and what does it consist of?

Cosmetovigilance is a system for reporting adverse reactions, based on collaboration between health professionals and the ANSM (National Agency for Drug and Product Safety Health). It covers adverse events, as well as those that appear serious to clinicians.

Its main objective is to monitor cases of adverse reactions attributable to certain cosmetic products,

while establishing a causal link between the adverse event and the suspected product.

Our Cosmetivigilance service

At Cosmetic Architects, we are specialized in supporting cosmetic companies to  meet their regulatory obligations, particularly with regard to cosmetovigilance (case management).

Our clients operate in various sectors such as beauty, parapharmacy, luxury and beauty sector.

Our added value lies in:

A network of medical professionals:

We have strong relationships with professionals health, which allows us to access valuable medical advice as part of the cosmetovigilance.

In-depth knowledge of the beauty sector:

We master and work on all aspects of this sector, from design to marketing, allowing us to provide adapted solutions.

Tools that comply with GDPR IT security requirements:

We have tools specially designed to ensure adequate monitoring of your activity while respecting the strict security requirements in force, in accordance with the GDPR.

A dynamic and responsive team of consultants:

We are ready to face all situations with a proactive team that quickly adapts to the needs of its customers.

At Cosmetic Architects , we are committed to helping you ensure the safety and compliance of your cosmetic products while accompanying you in your approach, whatever the nature of your activity in the beauty sector.

Valérie de Fougières

Cosmétovigilance Consultant / Docteur en Pharmacie

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